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Premiata Fabbrica di Torroni Cav. Innocenzo Borrillo

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The Premiata Fabbrica di Torrone was founded in San Marco dei Cavoti, a small town in the Neapolitan Apennines, when in 1891 Innocenzo Borrillo, the grandfather of the current owner, and his namesake, backed by great deal of experience gained in famous pastry shops in Naples, created a small artisan nougat and pastry shop, starting with the production of delicious nougat and confectionaries with a unique and unmistakable flavour.

The Cav. Innocenzo Borrillo had an immediate success with its high quality products, and especially the Torrone Baci.

Innocenzo Borrillo was extremely active in promoting its Torrone, participating in competitions and attending shows, receiving awards and highly prized recognitions, also internationally.

In this long path of development, which began in 1891, a decisive role was played by the current owner Innocenzo Borrillo who implemented small but continual improvements in the production process, while always maintaining a high degree of craftsmanship.

In the same location as the old Cav. Innocenzo Borrillo shop, still today Premiata Fabbrica di Torrone continues to respect the tradition of producing and selling top quality nougat and sweets, in an authentic craftsman’s workshop, from which the fragrant aromas of the Cav. Borrillo products continue to waft, made with love and dedication, still the same after over a century.

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