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- TAX CODE: PDR RSL 73P51 E884S,

- VAT NUMBER 08314520969



- DETAILS FOR CONTACTING THE SELLER: TELEPHONE: 0287198698; FAX 0287181205; EMAIL ADDRESS info@specialtiesfromitaly.com


1) Content of the on-line offer and characteristics of the end customer 

These general sale conditions have the purpose of regulating the purchase of the products, carried out at a distance and made available using the internet, from the site ww.specialtiesfromitaly.com in compliance with the provisions on electronic commerce (Leg. decree no. 70/2003).

For what is not expressly set out in these conditions, refer to the applicable regulations (Italian law).

This site promotes business to business commerce, from manufacturers to professional buyers, also those overseas, involved in commercial or hotel management activities and in any event possessing a VAT number, or the equivalent in the State where they are resident. Sales through this site are not for private persons/consumers or bodies or companies with purposes different from those of business enterprises.

The prices on the site refer to the packed product, for the number of pieces and characteristics indicated in the specifications of the item, and are net of duties and taxes resulting from the sale and delivery costs.

The language at disposal for the contract conclusion is Italian and English.

All customers who order products on the site enter into a commercial agreement with Specialties From Italy di Rossella Pedrali and undertake, therefore, to accept the general sale conditions and therefore the delivery terms for the material ordered online.

Online conditions apply only to purchases made on the site and remain at client disposal for his memorization and copy.

Specialties From Italy manages the online sale with the purpose of providing its products exclusively to professional buyers who are acting for purposes inherent to business and/or professional activities.

Therefore we invite private users to refrain from placing orders, either directly or through third parties, in consideration of the commercial policy described above. Specialties From Italy, regardless of the fact that the site uses an automated answering system for the order placed, reserves the right not to deliver goods whose use is intended for private individuals or orders that do not comply with the sales policy described above.


2) Customer requisites 

To place orders on the Specialties from Italy site, customers should:

- Be professional buyers as defined by the commercial regulations mentioned above;

- Possess the requisites necessary for being able to enter into legally binding contracts;

- Have an e-mail address;

- Possess a valid credit card for payment.


3) Prices 

The prices displayed on the site are calculated in euros and are net of VAT, or in any event net of any duty or tax applicable by the regulations in force at purchase moment as a result of the sale and net of delivery expenses that will be calculated and highlighted separately when the order is placed.

VAT or any other duty or tax will be applied at the moment of purchase in all the cases considered by the law in force.

The price displayed on the site when the customer places the order will be applied to the products.


4) Payment methods 

Payment for the products, the taxes and the shipping expenses can be carried out online with a bank transfer or credit card issued to the customer and with the methods indicated on the site.

At the same time that the order is confirmed, the amount corresponding to the products that have been purchased will be charged to the customer.

The credit card circuits that the site accepts are Visa, Mastercard and American Express. To provide maximum security, the customer will carry out the payment transaction directly on the bank's secure server. The site does not memorise the customer’s credit card number. The relative credit institute uses the SSL protocol to encrypt the data transmitted between its server and the customer’s browser.

With the bank transfer, the customer should carry out the payment within 3 days of the date of the order, otherwise he/she will be contacted by our customer service to clarify why the transfer has not taken place. Anyway if any payment should be done the order will be interrupt and after other time it will be cancelled. In this last case the client will be informed by fax or e-mail. The Bank transfer data: c/c Specialties from Italy, Iban IT24K0200801600000102757143, Banca Unicredit; Agenzia 00200 Milano Cordusio, information to enter in the reason box: date of the order, order number, Business name.


5) Order 

The customer will be helped by the system to fill out and send the order form. When the order is sent, which has the value of a contractual offer, the customer acknowledges and declares that he/she has read all the information provided during the purchase process and has fully accepted these general conditions and payment terms as though privacy policy.

Once the order has been received, an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent containing a summary of the general conditions and any particular conditions applicable to the contract, the information regarding the essential characteristics of the goods or the service and details of the price, the payment methods, the approximate delivery times (also with reference to individual manufacturers), the delivery costs and the applicable taxes.

After it has been verified that the products ordered are available, Specialties from Italy will send the customer a confirmation of the order. The contract will considered concluded when the seller sends the confirmation of the order.

However, it could be possible that products that have been ordered are not available. In this case, Specialties from Italy will inform the customer of their unavailability, indicating possible alternatives or the maximum waiting time before the product becomes available to be shipped. The customer, therefore, should confirm the order with the modified conditions or in any event confirm the order for the products that are available and the contract will be considered concluded on that date. If the customer does not confirm the order within 7 days from when he/she was informed that the products were unavailable, the entire order will be cancelled.

Specialties from Italy will do invoice for any order done by the website and will send it by e-mail to the client upon request to info@specialtiesfromitaly.com

The Customer shall not be entitled to any payment for damage or any compensation, nor is there any responsibility for direct or indirect damage caused by the non-acceptance or non-fulfilment, partial or otherwise, of an order.

When the goods arrive, customers are requested to carefully inspect the pack before signing proof of delivery documentation. Signing the delivery documentation is the same as accepting the delivery; afterwards the customer will not be able to raise any objection about the condition of the products delivered.


6) Changing orders

We would like to remind our customers that once confirmed, orders for articles that are available cannot be changed.

In any case this orders will remain visible in the account page of the client until goods delivery.

Orders made separately will be shipped separately.

The same order containing articles from different manufacturers will involve separate shipments.


7) Errors 

The site continually updates product information, therefore it is not possible to guarantee there will not be any errors.

Any errors, inaccuracies or omissions should be reported and corrected, even after the order has been sent or confirmed. At any moment Specialties from Italy can modify or update the information on the site without prior notice.


8) Shipping

The goods will be shipped on behalf of and at the expense of the customer, using a carrier selected by Specialties from Italy, to the address indicated in the online order.

Shipments will usually be carried out within 5-17 working days from the payment date. Specialties from Italy accepts no responsibility for late deliveries.

When the goods arrive, customers are requested to carefully inspect the pack before signing proof of delivery documentation. Signing the delivery documentation is the same as accepting the delivery.

The customer undertakes to check that his personal information is correct and immediately inform Specialties from Italy if any corrections are needed. Possible increases in expenses caused by an error in the information that was not duly reported will be the responsibility of the customer. If for any reason the shipment could not be successfully delivered to the address supplied by the customer in the sales contract, the pack will be returned to the sender at the customer’s own expense.


9) Tracking the shipment and status of the order 

When the order is shipped, Specialties from Italy will send its customers an e-mail containing the shipment number provided by the carrier.  

Clients can receive information on the status of their order by sending an e-mail to info@specialtiesfromitaly.com

Furthermore the order shipment information will be visible in the client account page.


10) Warnings.

The specialities on the site are produced and packed directly by the manufacturer/supplier in premises where other types of foodstuff are made; therefore there might be traces of food contamination from other products.

All the products sold by Specialties from Italy should not be consumed by those with allergies, intolerances or specific food requirements. The customer is aware that he/she should pay particular attention to the ingredients and to the food composition indicated on the packages, so as to avoid problems related to food intolerances or allergies, paying attention to the administration of the foodstuffs.

Specialties from Italy promotes the responsible consumption of spirits, also those contained in foodstuffs, and accepts no responsibility for the illicit purchase or use of these substances.

Information regarding the products on sale is available on the site. The visual representation of the products on the site, where available, normally correspond to the photo supplied with the product description. It is understood that the photos of the products themselves are there only for presenting them for sales purposes and cannot be a perfect representation of their characteristics as they can have different colours and dimensions. If there is a difference between the photo and the written product description, always rely on the product description.


11) Restitution because of a dispute regarding defective goods.

If the customer receives defective goods, or if there are problems with the shipping, the customer should immediately inform Specialties from Italy, and come to an agreement with it on how to resolve the problem.

In case of disagree Italian regulation will be applied and specifically Art. 1490 and follows of the Italian Civil Code. Any eventual claim should be sent to Specialties from Italy di Rossella Pedrali via registered post with return receipt to the legal company address: Milan, Via Giovanni Ventura, 2.

In this case Art. 64 and follows of Consumption Code can't be applied as the buyer is buying because of a business purpose. For this reason after the contract conclusion it isn't possible the contract annulment.


12) Jurisdiction and legislation and competent court for disputes.

The contract shall be concluded and performed in Italy.

Therefore Italian legislation and jurisdiction are applicable.

In the event of a dispute, the competent court will be the Court of Milan


 13) Privacy

Specialties from Italy, with registered office in Milan, Via Giovanni Ventura n.2 – creator and promoter of the activities available in the site www.specialtiesfromitaly.com, reserves the right to use the personal information, provided voluntarily by the users, in compliance with regulations in force (art. 13 and ff. Leg. Decree 196/2003).

Therefore we invite users to periodically visit this section to get updates regarding any changes to current legislation.

Specialties from Italy guarantees that the treatment of personal information will be for purposes related and connected to the performance of its services, for facilitating the management of the site and for sending orders. The information provided by users will be communicated to or shared with third parties for reasons related to the commercial business carried out on this site, and in any event in the context the management and performance of the contract, as well as invoicing and the preservation of the information for fiscal purposes, and also for commercial purposes or in any event related or connected to the company business carried out using this site.

Personal information will be treated by Specialties from Italy using both electronic and paper instruments, in full compliance with current security regulations, for purposes connected or related to the business activity carried out on this site.

Specialties from Italy informs users that they can exercise their rights set out in article 7 of Leg. Decree 196/2003, the main parts of which are reported below. Users have the right to request the following information:

  1. the confirmation of the existence or otherwise of personal information that concerns them;
  2. the clear communication of the information and its origin;
  3. the reason and the purpose of its existence and its use.

The request for the information listed above can be renewed after a minimum interval of 90 days, except for those cases where there is just cause: the deletion or modification of this information due to a violation of the law or because it cannot be used.

It remains understood that the information provided voluntarily by the customer with whom commercial relations have been entered into, also in the pre-contractual phase, and acquired in compliance with applicable legislation, will be preserved in accordance with the law also to discharge duties, for example from legislation regarding tax adjustment or for reasons of legal defence.

Please refer to legislation regarding privacy and to Privacy Policy section of this website.



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